What is Drive FX

Quick billing. Easy to manage.

Drive FX is the online software management that allows you to bill quickly, register your purchases easily, manage stocks efficiently and simplify your treasury flow.

Adjusts to your business

Whether you are a start-up or a small business, Drive FX offers plans with the right features for each step in your progress.

Accelerate your sales

Send Invoices, Receipts or Quotes in a matter of seconds directly your customers’ inbox. Quick solutions on any mobile device.

Keep your stocks under control

Managing orders becomes easier than ever. From your acquisitions to your sales, all transactions are registered easily so all figures match at the end of the day.

Your entire business,
available anywhere.

Desktop, tablet or smartphone – anywhere. Issue invoices, perform orders, check expenses on whatever device you have at hand.

Save time and money

  • Access from any device
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Free updates and maintenance

Bill quickly

  • Create invoices in a matter of seconds and send them by email
  • Customise your invoice documents
  • Portuguese Tax Authority Certificate no. 1203

Your complete business in sync

  • Efficient management of orders and stocks
  • Track your treasury flow
  • Live KPIs


Bill more quickly

You’ve had an idea. And you’ve trusted your gut feeling and went ahead. Perfect! All this stage, you’re the only one you can rely on. You need to meet your customers’ needs, acquire new ones, and pretty much anything in-between. And on top of that, you also have to fine the time to issue those invoices that will give you the precious leverage you need.

JSo what if you could save time if you could organise, synch and complete all your billing tasks in a matter of seconds ?

What if you’re a freelancer? Our Ready plan was made for you. Made for those who need to bill and need to collect without trouble and in no time. We’re making the most of your time and money with a best-of-breed solution for entrepreneurs.

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Automate your work to save time

You run a business. Your business is small still, but you know it’s a sure bet, and your goal is clear – to move ahead and grow. But to reach this goal, you need to chase after new opportunities as well as stay focused on your everyday business tasks.

Imagine how much time you can save by automating your entire billing process. And of course by enabling your accountant to simply extract all required information without needing to interrupt you.

If you’re looking for an automated billing process to help you speed up your everyday business, the Drive FX Grow plan is made just for you.

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Small and Medium-sized Companies

Complete business management

Up-to-date finances, your stocks under control and accelerated billing. Running a business can be as easy as this. Fully control your purchase and sales chain: from customer orders, stock management, supplier deals to billing and collection. And that’s not all – were even offer banking reconciliation.

Our Starplan offers everything a small or medium-sized company is looking for in terms of autonomy and swiftness for their mission-critical business areas.

But we have even more in store for you. Soon you will have 2 new plans available with advanced customising to seed up your growth even further.

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