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What do I need to make an API Call?

In order to call the non-authenticating endpoints you need to send an Access Token through the request headers.

To receive this token you have to call the GenerateAccessToken endpoint that can create two types of tokens:

  • IP bound token with an Expiration Time
    • Will only work for the IP that requested the Token and for the minutes specified on the tokenLifeTime
  • Unrestricted token
    • Will work for an unlimited time, is not IP bound and will be accepted as long as the credentials stay the same. (This type of token is created by having the Credentials’ tokenLifeTime set to “Never”).

After receiving the token, you may use it on all other methods by sending this token throughout the Authorization Request header.

How can i identify any entity fields?

In any application of the Drive FX you will be able to consult any entity structure used by you.

To do that you need to login on Drive FX  and go to Data Dictionary. To access this screen you must open the Settings Menu -> Application -> Data Dictionary.

In the Data Dictionary you must search for the entity you want and you can see all the existing fields for that entity.

“Error in login. Please verify your username, password, applicationType and company.” What should I do?

“Error in login” – The login credentials provided on the authorization token are not valid.

Confirm if the provided credentials are correct.

“Method does not exist” What should I do?

“Method does not exist” – The endpoint’s name is not correct on the URL. Confirm the name of the endpoint.

Check the documentation

Required fields missing, what should I do?

Because of legal or logical issues, some API calls can return the “Required fields missing” message.

In case you run into this problem, you can consult our data dictionary to know all the required fields of the correspondent entity

To access this screen you should go to your Drive FX installation -> Settings Menu -> Application and Data Dictionary.

Is API suitable for your target country?

The Drive FX API is prepared and tested for Portugal, Spain, Angola and Mozambique markets.

If you need to deploy our API to other markets, send us a chat message or an email to

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