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This is the Drive FX Documentation Center, here you can get your APPID, access helping files, test our API, make use of several examples, see some FAQ’s and also chat in case you need help.
Let’s go!


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Welcome to Drive FX!

Join our developer community and see the potential that our API provides to your business.

Our team is 100% dedicated to help you develop the best integration with Drive FX. To get started, you should follow the various steps that we present.

If you already subscribed a Drive FX application you can move on to the third step, where you can get your APPID to use on the API.

After you subscribe and order the APPID, which will be sent to you by email, you must configure the same in your Drive FX installation. Following these steps, your integration is ready to go. Do not miss all the examples and up-to-date documentation that we have for you.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 😉

Start your own Drive FX Integration

Fill the form below to request APPID to activate your integration on Drive FX.

After you submit the information an APPID will be generated and we will provide you the info here and also send you an email with the same information.

You will receive an email with your key to integrate to Drive FX your applications.

Your key will be: #code#

Drive FX API – APP ID Request

Hello, thank you for requesting an APP ID.

A mail as been sent to your email with the ID.


Now, go to your Drive FX site, click on the gear icon and select “Application”.


Then click on “External Licensed Applications”.


Add your APPID and click on “Add”.


Congratulations, your APPID is now registered and you can start using the API!


You may start your integration. Move to the next steps where you will find all documentation and examples that you need to create amazing apps.


Feel free to contact us by email on or chat with us!

Now you see below 2 buttons that allow you to see our documentation and examples.


Always that we make some changes on API, the documentation will be updated. However, we gonna send all information that you need.


Feel free to contact us.


Thank you for choose Drive FX.


Drive FX Team

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